Carnival -2020


Carnival -2020


Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 00:00h.


Several locations.
Vários (All islands).


Carnival in the Azores is a mix of shells, balls, marches, dances and dances. In São Miguel the traditional balls at the Coliseu Micaelense have lasted for many tens of years, with thousands of people dressed in tuxedos, dancing to many. And so is the size of other municipalities on the rest of the island. In Terceira, half a hundred marches, dances and dances lead to societies throughout the island.


Ecologic Trail Run
- | Ecologic Trail Run (São Miguel)
Festas de São João 2020
| Festas de São João 2020 (São Miguel)
Cavalhadas São Pedro
| Cavalhadas São Pedro (São Miguel)
Walk&Talk - Arts Festival
- | Walk&Talk - Arts Festival (São Miguel)
Azores Rallye
- | Azores Rallye (São Miguel)
Azores Trail Run - Whaler's Great Route
- | Azores Trail Run - Whaler's Great Route (Faial)